SKC Technologies provides free hosting and web design services to St. Croix Amateur Radio Club

st. croix amateur radio club

SKC Technologies Inc. has gotten the St. Croix Amateur Radio Club back online.  The St. Croix Amateur Radio club’s website had gone “off the air” when it’s hosting provider stopped supporting them in mid 2017.  Using the “Wayback Machine” to resurrect old content and modern web based technologies, SKC Technologies was able to create a new web presence for the club that mimicked yet modernized the classic look and feel of the legacy site.  SKC Technologies volunteered for the job at the monthly St. Croix Amateur Radio Club meeting which took place on January 6.  The project was completed just 5 days later on January 11th with SKC Technologies providing the club with free web hosting.  You can visit the simple community based site at  If you have any web development needs please feel free to contact us at

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